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BIZARRO (bizarre, strange, extravagant, odd, unconventional) 

Art or design works that somehow break the traditional and avant-garde aesthetic canons.  A meeting point for the artistic transgression of the rules and the conventional aesthetic.  This type of visual expression is a call that allows us to see art and expression from a different perspective.

Bizarro art, experimentation and tensed art through imaginary questioning, radicals against social and aesthetic conventionalisms, is an exhibit of young artists who have been around mainly in alternatives venues and now barge in a new exhibit in the San Patricio Plaza Mall, beginning early October.

El Bizarro is inquisitive, intense, a type of art, a wake-up call, a re-encounter with surprise, with the dormant, with what rests behind aesthetic or social conventionalisms, unfairly overshadowed. 

From Goya to Max Ernst, paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, photographs and even films from the end of the 18th century to the beginning of the 20th century, under the title of L’ange du bizarre (The Angel of the Odd), have always existed as an answer to the prejudged training that defines what beauty is. It is the first Puerto Rican exhibit of Bizarro Art.

This art exhibit is part of the parallel events of LUSCA Film Fest, the only international genre festival in the Caribbean. The exhibit stems from the premise of actively mainstreaming fine arts and their intimate relationship with the seventh art, the game of lights and shadows, the hidden and the missing in front of the surprised stare of the visitor.