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If you’re interested in being part of any of the LUSCA Film Fest teams of volunteers, REGISTER HERE or scan this code:

If you have any question, please contact us at:

Interns help in the planning of the festival, ideally working in a department related to their professional career or interest. Internship schedules vary according to the department, but usually start in mid-August through the end of October. Interns are required to work full-time at least one day per week

The departments looking for Interns are:  

‣ Production/Events 

‣ Marketing ‣ Social Media 

‣ Public Relations 

‣ Technicians (A/V) 

‣ Videographers/Editing 

If you’re interested in being part of the LUSCA Film Fest group of interns, please contact us at:



Volunteers are a key component of the festival success. Working as a volunteer is a unique experience that exposes a selected group to a variety of operational areas that involve a significant amount of coordination. Meet other volunteers and interact with the festival personnel, as well as with producers, directors, filmmakers, sponsors, festival members, and other international guests.

Volunteers work a minimum of 20 hours during the festival and must attend a MANDATORY orientation. The orientation covers what is expected of you, how the festival operates, and provides information about the festival and the parallel activities so you are ready to help our guests and visitors.

The teams seeking volunteers are:

Do you enjoy walking? Do you like to install banners and posters on the street and hand out materials? Do you want to get to know businesses in the metro area? The Marketing Team is an excellent place to be a volunteer.

Responsibilities include:

- Distribute posters, brochures, cards and other advertisements;

- Install posters, banners and ads on light poles and designated areas;

- Track the deliveries


- You must enjoy walking;

- You should be energetic and outgoing;

- You will have to speak with stores’ employees and managers;

- Preferably with own transportation (but not mandatory).


Are you very Outgoing? Do you enjoy working with the public? Here you’ll be in front of the public helping thousands of people who attend the festival!

Responsibilities include:

- Welcome guests

- Conduct check-in and hand over passes  

- Handle merchandise and collect payments

- Direct guests and visitors to the correct places  

- Direct/handle visitors standing on line

- Verify/scan entry passes

- Reserve seats in the movie theater

- Usher visitors to their seats

- Hand out/collect ballots

- Help with administrative tasks

- Pick up/delivery of materials


- Excellent customer services skills;

- Ability to multi-task;

- Ability to work in a fast-pace environment;

- Outgoing, patient, and a movies fan;

- Ability to answer visitors’ questions and to discern when to forward a question/situation;

- Ability to stand-up for long periods of time;

- Ability to discern when to interact with guests;

- Prior knowledge of the festival is desirable, but not required;

- Ability to follow directions from various persons at the same time;

- Should be comfortable with denying entry to people without credentials.

*For most of our public, you will be the first and possibly the only face they will see, thus you must be very friendly as you will be the face of the festival.


Do you enjoy documenting events and interviewing important people from the film industry? We want you in this team!

Responsibilities include:

- Coverage of special events inside and outside of the movie theater;  - Cinema room coverage of the festival;

- Interviews with special guests and the general public.


- Knowledge about producing, filming and/or audiovisual post-production;

- Be proactive;

- Creative;

- Outgoing;

- Flexible schedule;

- Preferably with own filming equipment (but not mandatory).


Would you like to help in special events before and during the festival? This is the team for you!

Responsibilities include:

- Pick up/delivery of event materials; 

- Assist in setting up and taking down the event;  

- Welcome the participants; 

- Monitor door/guest list;  

- Hand out party favors; 

- Put on wristbands for drinks.


- Ability to stand for long periods of time; 

- Cheerful personality; 

- Ability to pick up somewhat heavy objects; 

- Ability to understand and perform instructions;

- Comfortable working under pressure; 

- Availability to work night shifts.

**Note: Despite how much the festival personnel appreciates your cheerful personality, volunteers helping out in special events are there to work and not to party.


Do you enjoy driving and meeting fascinating people? This is your team! We will provide you with routes and maps. 

Responsibilities include:

- Pick up special guests at the airport;

- Transport guests to/from their hotel, parties, the festival, and events;  

- Transport personnel to/from special events.


- Preferably with own vehicle – which should be in good conditions with operating a/c and up-to-date mandatoryinspection stricker/insurance;  

- 25 years old or older;

- Valid driver’s license;

- Customer service skills;

- Flexible schedule;

- Ability to drive unaccompanied;

- Ability de comply with the schedule;

- Comprehensive knowledge of the metropolitan area.

*It’s important that the people in this team are empathic and recognize whether the passengers want to interact or not.